Frequently Asked Questions

Can Explore provide a copy of my credit report?

Explore does not receive, store, or provide financial credit information. We do not provide credit reports. You may wish to ask your insurance company if other companies have provided them with your credit information.

Don’t you need my permission to provide information about me to my insurance company?

When you applied for insurance, you gave the insurance company permission to access information necessary to determine your insurability. Your insurance company may obtain this information from an insurance support organization such as Explore. Similarly, for Explore to provide SuperVision® reports to your employer, you gave your employer written permission to monitor your driving behavior. The Fair Credit Reporting Act entitles you to a free copy of reports provided to your insurance company or employer and all other relevant information in your file.

Why was (i) my insurance premium increased or my policy cancelled; or (ii) why did my employer take action to change my employment status?

Only your insurance company representative or employer can answer that question. Explore is an information provider only and does not make any decisions regarding your insurance policy or employment status.

What if the ‘Address’ information on my report is outdated?

Explore receives information from official state agencies, employers and insurance companies. If the address listed for you or someone else on your report is not current, then you or they may need to update their driver’s license, information on file at your employer and/or insurance policy address.

What is a “PREDICTOR”, and what does it mean?

Some states send us an indicator that activity of some kind has occurred on your Motor Vehicle Record but does not provide us with any specific details about the activity. Explore may send this “predictor” to your insurance company or to a representative at your employer then they must decide whether to order a complete Motor Vehicle Record to obtain the details. What’s important to know is that a “PREDICTOR” by itself does not mean you did anything wrong; nor can an insurance company or employer take an adverse action based on it.

How can I change violation information on my report that is incorrect?

After reviewing your report, if you believe any of the information is inaccurate you may file a dispute by mailing a written statement of dispute and supporting documentation to:

Explore Information Services, LLC
Consumer Service Center
PO Box 21636
Saint Paul, MN 55121

Explore will review your dispute and contact the appropriate state agency to verify the current status of the information. If Explore’s records are updated as a result of your dispute, a revised copy of your report will be returned to you, your insurer and/or your employer.

How/why does Explore add a driver to my policy?

For certain insurance services, Explore provides your insurance company with a report listing any drivers with a license address that matches an address related to your policy. Explore does not add an undisclosed driver to your policy, nor can we remove them. You must contact your insurance company representative.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Center at 888-888-0236. Should you have any questions as to why your insurance premium increased or your eligibility for insurance has changed, please contact your insurance agent or company representative. If you have any questions regarding a change to your employment status, please contact your employer.